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Student loan foul play spurs new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau lawsuit

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has just filed a lawsuit against Navient, one of the nation’s largest student loan providers. The suit alleges that the loan servicer “cheated borrowers through shortcuts and deception” in violation of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the Fair Debt Collections…

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Worried that “draining the swamp” includes consumer protections? Here’s what you can do today.

President-elect Donald Trump has slowly assembled his picks for top administration posts, including this week’s announcement that his Treasury Secretary nominee is none other than Goldman Sachs alumnus, Steven Mnunchin. Trump is also reportedly considering Goldman Sachs Chief Operating Officer Gary Cohn to run the Office of Management and Budget. This should have us all…

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Caught in a Wells Fargo web? Here’s how to get untangled

Except that millions of Americans are second guessing their decision to bank with Wells Fargo, not much has changed since the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced the massive fake accounts scam perpetrated by Wells Fargo on its own customers. Predictably, a few proposed class action lawsuits have been filed by Wells Fargo customers, shareholders and former employees alike.