Jessica Monsell is a first-rate consumer advocate. In 2015 I rented a car, and two days after returning it, I received an e-mail from the rental company that there was damage to the car -- damage I had never seen in the course of driving it. The damage appeared to be somewhere in the $500-$1,500 range -- and again, I was certain I had not caused any of it. Jessica helped me take appropriate action -- including taking steps of her own to contact the organization and clarify all the details. Indeed, this proved to be a scam. Never again did I hear from the rental company. Clearly, Jessica's work made the difference.

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Joel Drucker
Oakland, California
I am so relieved that I found Jessica to help me with my case. I had a very serious issue at a Sheraton hotel. Worse than the situation itself was when I told the company what happened, they were dismissive and made it hard for me to follow up. I contacted Jessica and within a day she had the corporate offices involved and I've received a full refund on my stay. I am extremely grateful to her for taking on my case and getting them to listen. It was too serious of a matter to go unnoticed and she was the one who made the hotel pay attention.

Kyle Hepp
Santiago, Chile
We booked a life list trip to New Zealand but unfortunately had to cancel since my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  After making many long, grueling phone calls to both Qantas Airways and OneTravel, each one saying the other was responsible for refund, I was completely stuck and about to give up on ever getting the greatly needed $2,500 back. Jessica presented my case to the airline, and within days, I was sent an email from the VP at Qantas saying they will give us our full refund. I tear up just thinking about it, and it’s Jessica I have to thank for this miracle! We are so fortunate that people like Jessica are willing to devote their time and energy to helping consumer victims.

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Tosya Shore
Santa Rosa, California
I'm telling you, there is simply no one better than Jessica Monsell. Jessica used her resources and contacts to help me get back money from a Super Bowl ticket seller who bilked over $500,000 from consumers!  Jessica takes a personal interest in your situation, and is the absolute person you want fighting for you when something is just plain wrong!

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Efren Bojorquez
Phoenix, Arizona
Jessica Monsell is an amazing consumer advocate. I was overbilled by a telecommunications company and when I refused to pay their inflated bill, the company sent my account into collections. After being stonewalled for months, Jessica contacted the company, which reduced the $6,000 bill to less than $400. Thanks to Jessica's ability to connect with the right people, I was able to avoid an unnecessary lawsuit.

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Anthony LaMantia, Esq.
Charleston, South Carolina
Jessica's input was pivotal in my receiving a $45,000 refund after a claim denied by Marriott's travel insurance carrier, Travelex under the umbrella of TransAmerica Insurance Company. My emergency return from Paris was compounded by the stress this caused. After several months dealing with these major corporations, Jessica's expertise and persistence paid off.

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Virginia Sinclair-Brooks
Portland, Oregon
Jessica was a tremendous advocate and friend when I needed one most. When something goes wrong as a consumer, you often feel powerless against large companies to whom you are a tiny fraction of their business. Jessica gave me a voice and ensured the company -- a major airline -- heard me. What is more, Jessica helped me hold the airline accountable for its actions. I am grateful for Jessica's intelligence, tenacity, kindness, and generous spirit.

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Rachel Merrick Maggs, Esq.
Amherst, New Hampshire
I was tired, helpless, discouraged -- even angry -- when I was denied boarding on an Alitalia flight between Istanbul and Algiers. Due to a misspelling on my boarding pass, the airline told me I had no choice but to buy a new ticket. I didn't know what to do, but thankfully I connected with Jessica. She is a compassionate and vocal advocate. I was a foreigner in Turkey and yet she was able to help me from thousands of miles away. Thank you again, Jessica!

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Nassim Baci
Istanbul, Turkey